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FogBlocker - anti-fog dry lens cloth (15cm x 15cm)
St. Clair Optometry

FogBlocker - anti-fog dry lens cloth (15cm x 15cm)

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There are ordinary fog wipes and then there is patent-pending FogBlocker. This revolutionary new product designed by biotech scientists is a game-changer compared to the most popular anti-fog solutions. A FogBlocker dry wipe can be used well over 500 times and lasts between 48-72 hrs per wipe! Its ultrafine microfiber cloth can be safely used on any lenses including those that are coated. You can even apply it to all your PPE plastic guards and goggles.

To use:

1.  Clean and dry the lenses with a regular microfiber cloth (*not* the FogBlocker cloth)

2.  Apply only 2 drops of water to the lenses (too much liquid may decrease the longevity of your FogBlocker cloth; the FogBlocker should always stay relatively dry!)

3.  Gently wipe the lens with the FogBlocker anti-fog cloth.


1.  Keep the cloth relatively dry and do not wash or rinse with water !

2.  Keep away from eyes and mouth

3.  Avoid direct contact with food or drink

4.  Keep out of reach of children