Free Shipping on all orders over $75.00*
Free Shipping on all orders over $75.00*
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Easily order contact lenses, dry eye drops, eyelid hygiene products, eye vitamins and accessories! 

Free shipping on all orders over $75.00 (*except Macuhealth which will ship free with a one year (4 bottle) supply.

Please email us at if your contact lenses are unavailable on our online store.

We require a valid contact lens prescription to process all contact lens orders. Patients of St. Clair Optometry with a current (less than 2 year old) contact lens prescription on file will have your order prepared automatically.  If you are not a patient you will be asked to send an email with a copy of your contact lens prescription prior to your order being filled.  Thank you for your understanding.

Reasons our Patients Say They Buy Their Contact Lenses From Us

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